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Easter Dinner Checklist


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Version: 1.08
Downloads: 164
Updated: 3/15/2019
Added: 4/22/2014
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Holding an Easter dinner can be a huge undertaking if you plan to invite guests and celebrate this holiday in the best way. Easter Dinner Checklist is designed to help families pull off the dinner successfully. It gives ideas on traditional Easter dinner and suggestions on planning a festive party. The word "Easter" comes from "Eostre", name of an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess. In the ancient world pagans honored this goddess by organizing an annual spring festival. There is no exact date for celebrating the holiday, though Easter dates always fall between March 22 and April 25. Although in various countries Easter dinner menus can vary, there are traditional main dishes that consist of eggs, ham, lamb meat, some vegetables and candy. Eggs are the must-have of Traditional Easter Dinner. The colored egg is the key symbol of the holiday. From ancient times the egg has symbolized rebirth. This Easter Checklist app includes the following topics: - Necessary Preparations - Menu Items - Party Planning http://www.todolistsoft.com/solutions/checklist/easter-checklist.php

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