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Updated: 2/6/2019
Added: 2/8/2010
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

HelpSmith is a visual help authoring tool allowing you to create HTML Help files, Web Help systems, Word RTF, PDF, and Printed Manuals from a single source. The reliable help authoring system provides a powerful MS Word-like Unicode word-processor with dynamic styles and live spell checker, advanced approach to working with graphical and video files, and many other useful features. HelpSmith enables creating help files from start to finish and also allows you to import help topics from HTML, Word RTF, TXT files that can be written in multiple ANSI character encodings. HelpSmith helps you supply help files for your software in multiple help formats one of which is CHM HTML Help files, a standard format for Help documentation in Windows. HelpSmith has support for all the features of HTML Help, allowing you to create the tree-type Table of Contents, keyword index, create and modify chm viewer's help windows, and so on. The WYSIWYG principle makes working with HelpSmith as easy as using a regular office application. And, actually, you do not have to learn any technical details to create professional help files with the HelpSmith authoring tool.

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