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Home Brew Log


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Version: 1.44
Downloads: 236
Updated: 3/8/2015
Added: 7/6/2007
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

It is true that a home brewers progress towards perfection in beer making is proportional to the brewing records kept. Record all the details of every brew you produce, print reports, labels, tasting score sheets and a shopping list. Calculate alcohol %, units costs and unit conversions. Use either Imperial/US or Metric measurements. Store and link to your favorite home brew web sites directly from the program. Data backup. Very user friendly. Only partial restriction in the evaluation version. Sections of the software can be used without any restrictions at all and the program is not time limited so you can continue to use the unregistered program for as long as you like. This software has been used all over the world for many years now without any user reports of program failure. Time has now proven that this is a stable, well liked popular program for the pupose it was designed for.

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