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Version: 6.1.9
Downloads: 15042
Updated: 2/19/2016
Added: 1/22/2016
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

RedSplice Network Traffic Analyzer is a network monitoring tool (packet sniffer, packet analyzer) that brings traffic monitoring and analysis to a whole new level. While providing granular data monitoring and precise packet and session reconstruction it also includes advanced technology for extracting high level content data as images, videos, and scripts, making the network forensics process much easier, accessible even for those with limited knowledge and experience. All modern organizations in today's world rely on the their IT infrastructure, thereby the continuity and the security of the IT systems is critical for any organization. The lack of visibility over the entire infrastructure yields to unpredictable situations where the infrastructure becomes unavailable due to improper use or due to configurations that are not appropriate to the needs of the organization. RedSplice's advanced implementation supports the investigation into security and performance issues, decreasing the amount of detective work while enhancing the overall productivity of your security and monitoring systems. Modern software applications often involve using Web APIs over HTTP/HTTPS which increase interconnectivity and productivity for users. But sometimes the development time for such applications is increased due to the lack of visibility or missing documentation for the web interfacing components. Here is where RedSplice comes into play and increases the productivity of software developers. RedSplice has the ability to analyze web traffic and create a structured view of the information, so that the debugging and monitoring activities become much easier for software developers.

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