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Snapshot Magic


Quick specs

Version: 4.0
Downloads: 316
Updated: 10/11/2018
Added: 3/27/2011
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

Snapshot magic is a simple one shot screen capture tool. It saves a full screen image of your desktop, or any size window in five different formats.Saving a desktop image couldn't be simpler just open Snapshot Magic and click one of the icons on the desktop or make a menu selection to capture an image. Every time you want to save a image you always have the option to save your image to any folder you choose. A box will open to enter a name you wish to use, then just move to the folder of your choice or just use the current folder, each time you save a image Snapshot magic will open again to the last folder you selected. Then you just click save after naming your file to any name with a .bmp file extension and you're done. It's that simple. It's so simple and easy to use why use anything else for taking desktop snapshots of a single window or the entire desktop. It's fast and easy to start and use, no complex help files to use or confusing options to have to remember.

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