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TX Real Estate School


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Version: 1.0
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Updated: 10/24/2013
Added: 10/24/2013
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We are a leading online real estate school in Texas providing continuing education and pre-licensing courses and exams for license certification. Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. (C.E.L.I.) is a leader in offering educational courses in Real Estate, Insurance, Home Inspection, Irrigation, Securities Exam Prep, TABC Certification and Defensive Driving. Through affiliations with approved providers, C.E.L.I. is proud to offer the courses either in a 100% online or correspondence (with textbooks and online testing) program that is among the best for your chosen profession. ALL courses can be taken anywhere, anytime and at your convenience! Choose your profession above and review the course offerings for each. http://www.celi-edu.com/.

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